I'm a Principal Software Engineer at Huawei Technologies Research & Development Centre in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

I first joined Huawei as a Senior Software Engineer and served as a technical lead within the Systems Infrastructure Research lab to help deliver business and engineering-led initiatives. My research interests are in the confluence of virtualisation, operating systems, and distributed computer communication systems.

Previously, I worked for Adobe Inc. as a Computer Scientist (Software Engineer) where I contributed to the development of a large-scale distributed messaging system used by hundreds of business platform services within the company. I worked on maintaining infrastructure resources to reduce running costs, developing features to improve critical services and tuning observability systems. I also built tools that helped analyse large data sets from production pipelines and perform data migrations across different systems. Additionally, I led a research initiative on deploying Unikernels as microservices in production environments which was presented at Adobe Tech Summit.

Before working for Adobe Inc., I held a position as a Research Fellow at the University of St Andrews, where I worked with Prof Alan Dearle and Dr Jonathan Lewis on architecting and building Stardust which is a Unikernel operating system for Cloud applications.

I hold a PhD in Computer Science from the University of St Andrews where I had the privilege to be supervised by Prof Adam Barker and Prof Alan Dearle; the focus of my doctoral research was on the construction of decentralised service-oriented orchestration systems.

Outside work, I am passionately involved in Aikido and Judo.

What I cannot create, I do not understand. — Richard Feynman