Stardust is a library operating system that enables an application to run in a light-weight and secure execution environment for the Cloud. It has a minimal kernel that is responsible for managing the virtual hardware resources presented by an underlying hypervisor. Stardust features a pre-emptive thread scheduler and supports multiple processors. It provides common device drivers and relies on standard libraries that support computer programming languages such as C, C++ and Java. It also provides a specialised library which implements POSIX threads. Please see code at Github.


During my doctoral studies, I designed a high-level, functional, and strongly-typed data coordination language called Orchestra for composing service interactions as a workflow application. This language aims to express a workflow application in a simple and intuitive manner. It relies on a specialised compiler written in Java to produce highly scalable, distributed form of the workflow application by partitioning the workflow logic into smaller computational fragments that can be distributed across the network, and may be executed at different sites using a decentralised orchestration system.